General Information

How to Order

We are the sole distrubitor for Gentex and Opscore products in Turkey and some other countries. Products are subject to export license and can only be supplied to Official Entities (e.g. Armed Forces, Security General Directorate, etc.) and some Corporate Companies. To order a product; end user and product information (part number, color, size, quantities, accessories, etc.), tax exemption status and delivery terms are needed. Find the requested product platform from the checklist on this page, fill out and just send to us. So that availibility and price information will be provided.

End-User Statement

The End User Statement (EUS) is a document used in international transfers, including sales and arms provided as aid, of defense article that the buyer is the final recipient of the materials and does not plan on transferring the materials to another party. The end user and country of end use for each Product must be stated on every Order. Please click here for the document template.


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