• Providing advanced hearing protection in high noise environments for commercial & military aircrew, and ground crew personnel, the Gentex® Wire-Free Communication Earplugs (WCEP) Kit operates on the principle of Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI).
  • The WCEP Kit improves passive noise attenuation, eliminates snag and hot spots associated with earplug wires, and simplifies helmet donning and doffing.
  • The WCEP Kit also provides an ease of use with CBRN gear by eliminating the need to have wires pass through equipment.
  • The WCEP Kit fits in aircrew helmets and headset earcups to provide redundant operations to existing equipment speakers.
  • The Gentex WCEP Kit is compatible with: HGU-55/P, HGU-56/P, SPH-5, Alpha 900
  • Noise Protection Rates: NRR 30 dB

Data Sheet