• The FAST Ballistic Mandible offers ballistic and blunt impact protection for all Ops-Core® FAST helmets equipped with Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Rails and Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Shims.
  • Designed for ground, maritime, and mobility operations, the FAST Ballistic Mandible provides facial ballistic protection from frag and 9mm threats in a lightweight, low profile form factor.
  • While the rigid carbon composite frame provides blunt impact protection, the mandible’s flexible ballistic armor allows the user to obtain a solid cheek weld.
  • The FAST Ballistic mandible is one-size-fits-all and quickly scalable, easily attaching to the helmet without occupying valuable rail space.
  • Ballistic Protection:
  • Fragmentation: 16 gr RCC V50 at 2425 fps (739 m/s)
  • 9 mm Projectile: RTP 9mm FMJ V0 at 1,195 fps (364 m/s)

Data Sheet