• Used with pressure demand systems, the Gentex MBU-12/P boasts a low profile design providing excellent stability during high-G maneuvers and anti-roll webs to prevent downward roll.
  • The advanced design of the combination-breathing valve provides greatly reduced exhalation resistance during pressure breathing, and a rolling diaphragm reduces the potential for valve sticking caused by residue accumulation.
  • This unique combination valve meets or exceeds all performance requirements of MIL-V-27296.
  • The Gentex MBU-12/P is configurable with M-101 Microphone and M-169 Microphone with Amp from Gentex or other mask mounted amplifiers and features a silicone rubber faceseal integrally bonded to a high strength gray polysulfone plastic hardshell.
  • Size: XS-N, S-N, M-N, L-W, XL-W

Data Sheet