• The Gentex MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask is an integral component of the Gentex HGU-55/P Helmet System, providing pressure breathing for G (PBG) capability to tactical aircrew, while reducing the probability of G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC). Issued to all U.S. F-15, F-16, and F-22 fighter pilots, this exceptional unit offers a lightweight, low-profile design with advanced, performance enhancing capabilities.
  • Standard M-169A/AIC microphone and communication interfaces are used, and the mask meets all current speech intelligibility requirements. A sizing chart is available to determine proper oxygen mask fit.
  • Silicone-rubber chin cup and cheek flaps provide protection during high speed and/or high altitude ejections.
  • The MBU-20/P utilizes a lightweight hard shell that may be custom-trimmed to optimize fit and comfort.
  • Size: XS-N, S-N, M-N, L-W, XL-W

Data Sheet