• Modular, highly-configurable design adopted by the U.K. MoD.
  • Features a reduced weight aramid&carbon fiber shell, ratcheting nape strap retention system with tensioning ear shells, and locking dual visor mechanism.
  • ALPHA ANR available for high-noise cockpit environments providing additional 10 dB attenuation at frequencies <800 Hz.
  • Shown here are two common rotary wing configurations. This configuration includes an NVG-compatible visor housing and maxillofacial shield. The advanced fitting system keeps the helmet stable when using NVGs or other head borne optical equipment, while the maxillofacial shield protects the lower face and reduces wind noise across the boom microphone.
  • Visors: Clear&Tinted, Yellow&Tinted
  • System Weight: 1406 gr
  • Size: M, M/L, M/B, L, XL

Data Sheet