• Based on the design adopted by the U.K. MoD, and developed in partnership with wet-winch search and rescue aircrew, the ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue (SAR) Helmet System is the world’s first waterproof rotary wing helmet system optimized for any search and rescue aircrew personnel conducting air-to-sea operations.
  • Alpha 900 SAR is optimized for air-to-sea search and rescue operations. Optimized for interfacing to common SAR radios and configurable for all major aircraft intercom systems, the ALPHA 900 SAR is the ideal solution for aircrew operating near water.
  • Blunt Impact Protection: <300G
  • Sound Attenuation: 38dB @8kHz
  • Visors: Clear, Neutral Gray, Gradient, Tinted, and Laser protective
  • System Weight: 1406 gr
  • Size: M, MB, ML, L, XL

Data Sheet